• Devils Attack
    Play Devils Attack game

    Devils Attack is a funny shooting game. Shoot all the attacking devils and save the town. Collect the coins for extra points. Each level will become more difficult with different Devils. Get bigger guns along the way (after a few levels). Defeat all the Devils of the wave or earn enough money (points) to pass the level. The final score will be the result of all levels. Submit your score when you completed level 10..A game related with 1
  • Romantic Kiss
    Play Romantic Kiss game

    Kiss 'till hearts content..A game related with 1
  • Hidden Hints - Aquatic Creature
    Play Hidden Hints - Aquatic Creature game

    Find the hidden pieces of paper and arrange them properly in each level to get hints about the object and move to next level..A game related with 1
  • 18 Wheeler 2
    Play 18 Wheeler 2 game

    Drive your 18 wheeler across the freeway and try to park it in tight spots on some levels..A game related with 1
  • MushBooms
    Play MushBooms game

    Blast the mushrooms out of your kingdom! Great physics game with 32 levels to complete and a level editor so you can make your own!.A game related with 1
  • Frozen Anna Makeup
    Play Frozen Anna Makeup game

    Princess Elsa is getting ready for coronation day, and she's feeling nervous about her performance. For one day, the gates to Arendelle will open up so that townspeople from the neighboring kingdoms can witness Elsa being crowned queen. This day will be going down in history, so Elsa wants to look her best when she takes the throne. With so much to do and so little time, Elsa could really use some help getting ready so she can continue to practice her speech. Browse the wide selection of glamorous clothes, elegant accessories, regal hairstyles and more, to create a memorable look for Elsa's coronation day in this fun online dress up game for girls!.A game related with 1
  • Bus Hostage By Policeman
    Play Bus Hostage By Policeman game

    Bus Hostage by Policeman Based on today's news, shoot the policeman who lost his job and took hostages!.A game related with 1
  • Robbed Eggs 2
    Play Robbed Eggs 2 game

    Grandpa asked Calabash brothers to go to the forest to collect apples.But Calabash brothers lost their way and need set their wits to work then can come back home.A game related with 1
  • A Wonderful Evening
    Play A Wonderful Evening game

    Find 5 differences amid the two pictures. Good art work, adequate effect..A game related with 1
  • Ponder
    Play Ponder game

    Enter an enchanted forest filled with misty ponds and mythical creatures and lead a group of Gladelings in the quest for shinies. The pond\\\’s native inhabitants will try to get in your way so be sure to aim the occasional mud balls at them! Upgrade your Gladelings\\\’ features and equip them with powerful gear to make them more efficient and capable in getting shinies..A game related with 1
  • The World Of Objects
    Play The World Of Objects game

    You accept to acquisition 5 altar that hidden on the pictures.To canyon anniversary level, you have to acquisition all the hidden objects. If you charge assistance, use the hint..A game related with 1
  • Bloons Tower Defense 2
    Play Bloons Tower Defense 2 game

    Tower Defense with new levels, new bloons, towers and upgrades!.A game related with 1
  • Hitachi
    Play Hitachi game

    Go on the adventure of rescuing your files with "Hitachi" the "hard-drive". This is a challenging game that will keep you on the edge of your seat.Note: You only have one life in this game if you fall off the level so be extremely careful..A game related with 1
  • Two Pipes 2
    Play Two Pipes 2 game

    Grandpa asked Calabash brothers to go to the forest to collect apples.But Calabash brothers lost their way and need set their wits to work then can come back home.A game related with 1
  • The Muppet Show Dressup
    Play The Muppet Show Dressup game

    Hey there, the Muppet absitively to appear in your town, and if you are advantageous abundant you can accept his wardrobe. Playing in the a lot of acclaimed action is air-conditioned but getting reside on date is different. He needs your advice to aces his accouterments and authoritative him attending cool. Good luck..A game related with 1
  • Wedding Dress Up
    Play Wedding Dress Up game

    This beautiful bride is nervous because her wedding is just in two days, but she still doesn't find the perfect wedding gown. Please work as her stylist and choose the most gorgeous gown for her. Do remember to choose veil, shoes and bouquet as well. Have fun!.A game related with 1
  • Fun Memory Match Game
    Play Fun Memory Match Game game

    Find the analogous pairs..A game related with 1
  • Cooking Academy 2 World
    Play Cooking Academy 2 World game

    Welcome to the World Culinary Workshop! Cooking Academy 2 will put you in the kitchens of restaurants from all corners of the globe! From Chinese BBQ Pork Buns, to Mexican Tamales, to Japanese Sushi, make your way through 60 different recipes from eight different countries! Learn interesting trivia about food while mastering all new skills and mini-games including food processors, mixers, raiding the fridge and much more!.A game related with 1
  • Perry the Perv 2
    Play Perry the Perv 2 game

    Perry's back and he is still a pervert..A game related with 1
  • Virtua Cop
    Play Virtua Cop game

    The aim of the game is to shoot the lifeless enemies before they kill you..A game related with 1
  • Straight Dice
    Play Straight Dice game

    Try to get rows of dice counting in order..A game related with 1
  • Dora Vacation
    Play Dora Vacation game

    When Dora and her friends arrive seaside,there is a travel beach hotel,there the food is so delicious that they are so eager to have a taste of it ,let's treat them with warm passional serving ! Click the food that they want and then put food on the plate , If you offer the right food, you will get 20 gold coins. If wrong, 20 gold coins will be taken off.Enjoy!.A game related with 1
  • Shusher The Usher
    Play Shusher The Usher game

    Making sure you can hear the movie is Shusher the Ushers job and he takes his job very seriously. Keep the noise down and keep your points high in this game of customer satisfaction..A game related with 1
  • Divergence Turret Defense
    Play Divergence Turret Defense game

    Click on the map and then in War zone to enter into the war field. Your objective is defend your base from the enemy attack. Use the mouse to point, shoot and update your armament..A game related with 1

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